Cover Feature - International Women's Day 2020

Updated: Apr 18

What a way to close International Women's month.

What a way to close #InternationalWomensMonth. My first ever cover feature is a #Nigerian based ONLINE business magazine. The significance of this cover for me personally, and for SAWIL - is the timing. 1. International Women's Month. 2. Online based. When the magazine initially approached me for a feature,#COVID -19 was nowhere near our shores. Today, the world is on Lockdown in response to this pandemic and humanity has been forced to adapt to the new way of doing things. The timing is simply spectacular!!! Online is no longer the future. #Online is our daily reality. Some of my favorite #businessmagazines will not be on shelves going forward, they have unfortunately been #disrupted. And yet here we are: a Cover debut and the magazine is available on a Global platform. An African based business magazine shining the spotlight on African entrepreneurs, #leaders, change makers, innovators and overall disruptors. Thank you to the amazing, talented and professional team at Business Africa Online (BAO). I usually shy away from interviews (print, radio, TV etc). So, here's a little window to my heaven and I invite you to get to know me and my brainchild Southern African Women In Leadership. Links:


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