Finalist:Dorcas Dube

National Marketing & Communications Manager

Accomplished executive possessing multi-faceted experience, leading and managing Not-for-Profit Organisations. Overseeing marketing, fundraising and communications activities for projects from initial planning to final execution within time and budget. Remarkable acumen in developing solid, trusting relationships various stakeholders to expand programme awareness and secure support for future endeavours. Consistently transcends on the job expectations with high level of responsibility and accountability. Ability to employ creative approaches to problem solving in diverse environments.

National Marketing & Communications Manager

The highlight of her career has been leading the Marketing and Communications team of Symphonia for South Africa under the Partners for Possibility Programme that was announced as one of six winners of the WISE* Awards for its innovative solution to education challenges.


University of Johannesburg

Degree: BA Corporate Communications (Completed)

University of Johannesburg

Degree: BA Honours Strategic Communication (Completed)

University of Cape Town

Course: Social Systems Change (Completed)

University of Johannesburg

Degree: Master In Strategic Communications (In Progress)

Southern Africa Communications Officer

Oxfam Great Britain

● Develop and implement internal communications strategy to help build a culture where two-way internal communication is seen as fundamental and integral to the success of the organisation and its staff

● Manage internal communications channels

● Point of contact and advice on internal comms across affiliates

● Project representation for internal comms, tracking and promoting media presence

● Creating and delivering effective communications within the Regional Centre


Regional Executive Officer Oxfam Great Britain

● Collaborate with staff members and teams throughout the confederation as needed

● Serving as an informed liaison to the Regional Manager and act as point of contact for Regional Manager

● Coordinate the delivery of key plans and reports, including regular management

● Conduct/ organise background research and briefings to prepare the Regional Manager for external and internal meetings, country visits, public events and media interviews

● Manage information and other resources in support of effective communications and decision-making processes

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