Finalist: Dr Vuyiwe Tsako

Versatile Public Sector Professional

A professional, with sound experience in Public Sector Administration. Hard-worker, self-disciplined and a member of professional institutes including Institute for Local Government Managers; Coaches and Mentors of South Africa. Well and vested knowledge in Administration, HR and Professional development including areas around Leadership and Performance Management.

Accounting officer - Umdoni Local Municipality.


1. PHD – WITS University (graduated in 2018)

Topic: Intergovernmental relations in KZN District municipalities

2. Masters in Labour relations and HR – NMMU (UPE)

3. Honours in Business Management – NMMU (VISTA)

4. Bcomm – Industrial Psychology and Business management – NMMU (VISTA)

5. NQF 7 Advanced Labour Law Diploma – GIMT/ Global Business Solutions

6. Completed Municipal Finance Management Programme (MFMP/ CPMD) at WITS Business School (INCL. ADVANCED MODULES)

7. CCMA Arbitrator certificate

8. Past NEC Member for the Institute of Local Government Managers (2009/10)

9. Past Member of Professionalisation and Regulatory Committee of ILGM (2010)

10. PEC Member – ILGM (currently the Provincial Secretary)

11. Core Skills Winner – EC Khaedu program on organizational re-engineering

12. Several Short course in HRM and LR

Research academic papers published:

- Intergovernmental relations in KZN District municipalities

- Multiple culture’s influence on Intergovernmental Relations

- The effect of Political Environment on service delivery

(A study of political instability, patronage and factionalism in a municipal environment)

- The Impact of COVID – 19 in KZN Municipalities

Affiliations: PSBC Commissioner – Part time 2020 (independent contractor)

: Moses Kotane Panel Journal Editors 2020

: MANCOSA – Supervisor for Honours Students (independent contractor)


1) Served in SALGA Provincial committees i.e. HRD committee, Bargaining committee, Exemptions Committee and SALGA - EXCO

2) Nominated and became the winner in the Business Women South Africa Provincial Achiever’s award as a winner under Government category in 2015.

3) Nominated and became the winner in the Premiers Excellence awards as a winner under the category – Public service leader in 2016.

4) Nominated and became the finalist in the National Standard Bank Top women awards under the category – Public service in 2016.

5) Nominated and became the FINALIST in the National BWSA awards as a FINALIST under the category – Women in Government in 2016.

6) Serving as the board member of K&A Global ( an international NGO whose aim is to to bring about social, educational and economic changes in the livelihoods of underrepresented, disadvantaged and marginalized people).

7) Servins as the board member of Ugu South Coast Tourism Entity since 2018.

8) Founder of Intsika Yempumelelo Coaching and Mentoring initiative (UGU District municipality) – focus on empowering women in supervisory and management positions within Ugu municipality

9) Co-founder – UGU research forum, currently focusing on support to public officials doing research either at Honour, Masters and Phd level. The forum has approximately 50 members. And One of the directors of Umthombo Wolwazi research Institute formed in 2015

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