Finalist: Dr Xolelwa Zulu-Magwenyane

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Manager: Strategic Research, Development & Innovation - Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

Traditionally trained as a research scientist, bitten by the research management bug, as she stepped off the lab on finishing her PhD – Dr. Xolelwa Zulu-Magwenyane has not looked back since. She has honed her skills in technology and innovation management, experienced in technology development practice having worked in higher education and research councils in South Africa. Dr. Xolelwa Zulu-Magwenyane has gained sound understanding of science and technology application in a variety of scientific domains. She has led and participated in several research consortia; both locally and internationally. Dr. Xolelwa Zulu-Magwenyane has also led cross-functional multidisciplinary teams to achieve strategic initiatives through international working experience in science and innovation diplomacy.

Technology and Innovation Strategist

She is passionate about science, technology and innovation and the potential they possess in positioning African economies in the world and catalyzing the African development agenda.

Dr. Xolelwa Zulu-Magwenyane holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of KwaZulu-Natal and is currently reading for a Master of Science in Technology and Innovation Management - researching the review of policy instruments in research management. In 2019, she was appointed as the Deputy Chair of the Locally Engaged Staff Association (LESA) at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British Government. She currently serves as an Independent Director for CenGen (Pty) Ltd.

She is a current Black Women in Science (SA) fellow for 2019/2020 and an alumni of the South African Brightest Young Minds Initiative. She has also been appointed to serve on the KwaZulu-Natal Innovation Advisory Committee of the Moses Kotane Institute (an agency of the Department for Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs). Dr. Xolelwa Zulu-Magwenyane currently works as a Manager for Strategic, Research, Development and Innovation of the CSIR. She is also the Managing Director of her own company, Hlumelo Research and Advisory Pty (Ltd).

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