Finalist: Naledi Ngwato

Commercial Pilot - Fly Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A commercial pilot with 13 years of experience and over 5000 flight hours providing exceptional service to passengers all through Africa, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Commercial Pilot

Skillfully operated a variety of aircrafts with meticulous attention to detail and safety.Posses exceptional qualities and abilities to succeed as a professional aviator.Proven ability to successfully resolve in-flight incidents and emergency situations involving equipment failures and hazardous landing conditions.Developed a great level of situational awareness, focus and great decision making skills with experience.Great inter-personal skills with a high level of discipline and compliance to regulations and procedures.Strong work ethics and professional demeanor.

Pilot of Commercial Aircraft Fly Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

• She joined the company as a Co-Pilot on the Boeing 737-800.completed the full conversion training within 2 months.

• Acquired over 2000 hours of experience on type.

• Communicated with air traffic control before take-off, and during flights and landings to coordinate actions.

• Collated information on weather conditions to create an accurate flight plan, detailing appropriate flight paths and altitude.

• Reacted quickly and appropriately to environmental changes and emergencies, maintaining strict safety compliance.

• Briefed cabin crew before flights, maintaining regular contact throughout flights to provide updates and instructions.

• Performed pre-flight checks on navigation and operating systems, ensuring all safety systems were performing correctly before takeoff.

• Ensured that the CRM principles are adhered to to maintain good team work in the aircraft.

• Ensured consistent adherence to operation regulations and legislation to maintain safety compliance.

Educational Background/Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Business Administration Entreprenuership Botswana Open University, Gaborone.

  • Certificate of Higher Education Air Transport Pilot Licence Dean International Flight School, Miami.

  • Certificate of Higher Education Commercial Pilot Licence Blue Chip Aviation, Pretoria

Naledi is a good team player, leader and an entrepreneur of an Aviation themed tourism entity. An empathetic motivator and influencer determined to change the status quo of the black youth more especially the girl child.

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