Finalist: Nompumelelo Mbonane

Purpose Alignment Strategist

She help young professionals who feel stuck in careers they settled for and jobs they quite frankly hate, to discover their purpose and turn that purpose into a fulfilling, impactful and sustainable profession.

Motivational Speaker. Coach.

She is the founder of Purpose Practitioners Club, which is a Training and Development firm through which young professionals are helped to be practitioners of their purpose - a practitioner being someone who is actively engaged in a discipline, art or profession.

The birth of this company came from a place of her confusion and lack of direction, back in 2017.

She had just finished her BSc Mining Eng. degree and working in a technical consulting firm, when she realised that the work she was doing was not giving her any joy and she was not particularly involved in work that was meaningful to her and solving a problem in the society she was a part of.

She then went on a search to discover her purpose, a journey that took an entire year, and when the revelation came to her, she knew this was not the kind of information to keep from those who needed it most. The only problem was that she did not know what the right channel to dispense this information and facilitate this transformation would be.

She then left the Mining field to pursue a career in Corporate - banking industry.

To her surprise, many other people, especially young professionals, were experiencing the same emptiness and purposelessness she felt back in 2017, and there did not seem to be anyone sharing how to discover one's purpose, align it to a career and thrive in it unapologetically.

This is when the mission and message, the audience and the channel became crystal clear.

Now, a year into the business, she experiences the joy that comes with helping other young professionals answer their existential questions, and she help then experience the sustainability presented by making their purpose their life's work.

Educational Background/qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mining Engineering - University of the Witwatersrand

  • National Senior Certificate - University of Johannesburg Metropolitan Academy

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