Finalist:T Nombanjinji-Nzama

Pioneering Construction Entrepreneur.

Thandeka Nombanjinji-Nzama was born and raised in the dynamics of the Soweto township. She grew up in a well business orientated territory. Her parents being entrepreneurs, she gained knowledge within the property sector through the influence and mentorship of her late father, Mr. Ligwa Nombanjinji, one of the biggest property developers in Johannesburg.

Managing Director - Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd

Thandeka Nombanjinji-Nzama is the founder of Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd, she began her organization after understanding the dire requirement for female inclusivity inside the construction sector. Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd is a pioneering 100% black female owned and led 7 (GB) and 7(CE) construction company specializing in general construction and civil engineering.

Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd was established for the sole motivation behind minimizing the gender gaps and ensuring that females form part of an inclusive and equitable part of the construction industry.

Mbokodo Building Pty Ltd offers services in Building (construction and building services, property development & renovations) and Civil Works (roads, stormwater, water reticulation, sanitation services & bulk water pipeline installations).

The dynamic young lady started her profession and gained her broad Sales and Marketing experience through her numerous fruitful years holding the Sales Executive position at the BMW and AUDI Groups respectively.

Her entrepreneurial journey began as the CEO of a family owned commercial property entity, Nombanjinji Family Property.

Thandeka is a firm believer of being a servant to the community and being an advocate for generational legacy creation for young black women.

With her substantial network, passion for people, knowledge and experience gained throughout the years, Thandeka is well equipped to be part of the extensive property and construction arena.


She is a qualified Public Relations Practitioner that holds a Diploma in Public Relations (DIPPR-HEQSF Level 5), an Advanced Diploma in Public Relations (DIPPR-HEQSF Level 6), a Sales Executive and a Sales and Marketing Certificate.


“Making a difference should not only mean vocalizing an issue over and over again without any action; but being able to stand up fearlessly and doing something about it”-Thandeka Nombanjinji-Nzama.

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