Who is SAWIL:

The Southern African Women In Leadership (SAWIL) is a proudly South African company.

The passion to serve our fellow women was the Founder’s vision. Based on a passion project, this thought quickly transformed from passion to need.

Women have been valuable pioneers, as they have helped forge the economic landscape of South Africa. 

With offices in Sandton and our latest expansion into the SADC region - you are welcome to pop in for a visit, or visit us on:


What does SAWIL do:

The majority of our members are women in Leadership, occupying Executive roles within the Southern African Women In Leadership framework.

We are Brand Ambassadors, who are empowered, enabled and passionate about leadership transformation across the African continent.

We’ve spent the past 5 years doing research and understanding some of the underlying influences, legacy issues and overall lack of appetite to address the vast and incessant gap which exists in terms of Skills Retention, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Gender Parity and Equality in the workplace. A global phenomenon we feel we are more than equipped to address through our campaign #SAWILVision2030. We support and enable seasoned professionals (women) to realise their true potential, irrespective of age, race, religion, background - each woman’s contribution still remains critical to the relevance of our ‘present-day’ society and the advancement of the African economy.

We also have golf days, where the social (and therapeutic) aspects of golf is discovered. This pastime is a wonderful tool to encourage networking and opens the pathways to endless opportunities.

Our Mentorship Programs enable women to realise their strengths, identify their true potential and seeing the impact of their contributions, to the world around them

The future depends on what we do in the present – Mahatma Ghandi


Where is SAWIL going?


According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the 2017 Annual Global Gender Gap Report (where 150 countries were rated), South Africa was rated amongst the top 20 best countries for Gender Equality.

South Africa is therefore strategically mapped to embrace Transformation & Inclusivity!

SAWIL is a South African company, with a South African identity. Our latest expansion into the SADC Region affords us a unique platform to facilitate leaders and aspirant leaders who want to be at the forefront of disruption, who refuse to be victims of inevitable change.


Why is SAWIL a critical resource for Southern African Women?

Women have always been associated with a feminine, nurturing energy. Vessels of passivity and contentment, meekness and complacency. For centuries, women have been marginalised and conditioned to think that they are inferior, in a male-dominated world.

At SAWIL, we believe that the only way to break the chains of oppression is to demonstrate strength and unity.

This is done through support,  effective networking and cultivating a “can-do” attitude among women. The need for women’s contribution to society, far exceeds the global limitations it has placed against women. Women have a voice.

At SAWIL, we want to create a safe, non-threatening, environment, where all women can communicate freely and launch themselves into a space of freedom and creativity, whilst discovering their best self! Encouraging dialogue and open communication is what SAWIL is about.

It is the responsibility for each and every women at SAWIL to help one another find our talents within ourselves.


Why and how does SAWIL operate: 

SAWIL operates through sponsorships and donations and the membership fees of our valued Executive Members.

We plan several exclusive events and functions that take place throughout the year.

Please see our website for the 2020 schedule (which are subject to change).

Members enjoy access to many exclusive SAWIL benefits at discounted rates, throughout the year.


Giving Back to the community:

SAWIL has various empowering programs designed specifically with women in mind.

We are extremely proud to be associated with the SAWIL Mentorship Program.

The aim of this project is primarily focused on Matriculants (from impoverished backgrounds) that  demonstrate an aptitude for Leadership and Responsibility. We believe that the willingness to learn from an early age, sets a solid foundation for mentorship. The more often youth are exposed to good leadership attributes, the more their inclination to create a better environment can be cultivated.

Enquire about how you can get involved.


About the Founder:

Seipati is a leader with strong roots in the Financial & Advisory Sector. She has acted  in various leadership roles, which has firmly anchored her thought processes in the complex understanding of Investments, Wealth Management & Personal Financial Advisory Services. A formidable, influential and aspirant thought Leader with the determination and endless commitment to drive change, create key opportunities and platforms to encourage ‘real’ transformation in the Leadership space.


2020 marks a true milestone for Seipati, as the focus on the expansion of SAWIL into the SADC Region becomes a much anticipated reality this year. 

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